The 3×2 m sanitary locker room is designed to help pig facilities to comply with Article 5 of Royal Decree 306/2020 of February 11, 2020. By installing this dressing room designed and manufactured entirely by Porinox, you will achieve a biosecurity protection in your farm.

Dressing rooms should act as a border point, and be installed at the only access point to the enclosed area, thus delimiting the dirty part of the outside from the clean part of the inside. This equipment favors and facilitates the correct hygiene of workers and all authorized personnel before accessing the inside of the farm.

At the entrance to the dressing room, dirty clothes must be left outside and pass through the shower and sink. It is configured and built in such a way that the shower tray is mandatory, encouraging its use. Once you are in the clean part, you must dress in clean work clothes and wear clean footwear suitable for accessing the buildings. It is highly recommended to equip the dressing room with a boot cleaner for a thorough, easy and effective cleaning of the footwear inside.

In the clean area there is a folding table where all workers and personnel accessing the farm must be registered. In this way, we facilitate the compliance with the plan of animal health visits. In this way, you can have control and traceability in case of any possible sanitary problem.

This module is delivered fully equipped with the necessary components and accessories to comply with current biosafety regulations.

The only requirements for the installation of the dressing room are a firm and level surface, a water and electricity supply to connect and feed the module. A drainage for the gray water generated inside the module must also be provided.

The entire structure of the module, all trims and all accessories are made of stainless steel. The walls and roof are made of sandwich panel for thermal insulation. The floor, interior walls and benches are made of white Porpanel for easy cleaning.

Width: 315 cm
Height: 240 cm
Depth: 215 cm
AISI 304 stainless steel
Sandwich Panel ( 5 cm )
Polypropylene ( Porpanel )
Ceramic ( shower tray and toilet )
Folding skylight.
Electric hot water storage tank.
Stainless steel sink.
Single lever faucet.
Shower tray 80x80 cm
Two-handle shower faucet and stainless steel curtain rod.
Access registration desk.
Benches and coat racks


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