Porinox is a company dedicated to the manufacture and development of projects in livestock facilities in the swine sector.

It offers innovative services and solutions for pig farms, such as indoor and outdoor equipment, traditional and multi-phase feeding systems, ventilation systems...

Thanks to its facilities, it is possible to manufacture each of the products in-house . All materials used are of the highest quality to guarantee high reliability and long durability

In addition, the team of highly qualified personnel makes a continuous effort in R&D to offer, improve and launch a greater variety of innovative products to the market, in order to provide an increasingly complete service.

Porinox is a reference partner in the market so that your business can grow, be profitable, durable and with high quality products.


During the manufacturing of each of the products, a combination of manual techniques and the latest technology is used. All parts are created by experienced engineers with the latest 3D software. Subsequently, they are programmed for cutting with the latest generation of laser cutters and bending. Finally, a team of specialized technicians and the automated welding robot take care of all the welding required to finalize the product. 

TruLaser 1030

2D laser cutting machine with CO2 guided by a CNC control system. X-axis cutting length: 3000mm. Y axis cutting length: 1500mm. Allows cutting stainless steel sheets up to 8mm thick, with high precision.

Two TruLaser laser cutters
Three TruBlend press brakes
TruBend 7036 folding machine

State-of-the-art electric machine for bending small parts. Pressing force: 360kN. Bending length: 1020mm. It allows to optimize to the maximum the working time.

TruBend 3100 folding machine

High speed machine for bending large parts. Pressing force: 1000kN. Bending length: 3060mm. Allows fast and perfect bending, for parts up to 3 meters.

ARC Matt Robot 100iC/12

6-axis automated arc welding robot. It has a reach of 1.20mm and a stroke of 1066mm . Allows welding of parts up to 12kg, with high precision.

ARC Mate 100iC/12 Welding Robot ARC Mate 100iC/12
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